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Harvesting food from nature and eating by the seasons


A conscious blog on yoga, health
and sustainability


Change your health and lifestyle through yoga, nutrition and sustainability

What We Do

Jo is a holistic health, wellness and natural living educator.  With a passion to teach and inspire you to rethink the way you eat, think and live to achieve sustainable health, well-being and happiness.

Jo’s mission through Primal Living is to create a community around sustainable wellness.  A conscious valued based approach to leading a healthy and meaningful life.

Jo focuses on using simple, practical and guilt free approaches in helping people to feel inspired and empowered to find their own answers to eating, thinking and living well.

Using the tools of holistic nutrition, sustainable and natural living and the teachings of yoga, Jo helps you to achieve a healthy mind and body whilst living consciously.

This is achieved through her one on one consults, programs, workshops, speaking, blogging and the on going creation of her organic and self-sufficient farm on Bruny Island.

Jo writes and advocates on nutrition, holistic health & well-being, natural & sustainable living, social change and her very own experiences on Primal Farm. The concepts that you discover with Jo will reveal the inter-relationships between nutrition, sustainability and the practice of yoga.  Jo believes that the greater the knowledge you hold as an individual, the more empowered you are to make positive changes to your own health and well-being and the sustainability of the planet.

Primal Living is committed to an integrated life of growing food, living sustainably and mindfully. Creating a conscious life around sustainability creates healthy communities and a healthy environment.  We welcome you to be a part of it.


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Latest Posts

  • 14102458_10157338615395344_2493917008057800788_n

    Yoga . Health . Sustainability

    It has been awhile since I wrote my last blog post.  Life has been rather busy for me on the farm and then winter hit and I wanted to go into hibernation.  I felt I needed to rest up, slow down and do nothing but sit......

  • How To Build A No-Dig Garden Bed (1)

    How To Build A No-Dig Garden Bed

    We have been extremely busy on Primal Farm working hard on producing good honest organic real food.   I have become addicted to growing food.  It’s not a bad addiction to have but it does mean that I am running out of room and need......

  • 4095119171_31e1f20c29_o

    No Experience Growing Food – You Don’t Need Experience If You Have Passion

    Happy Spring everyone.  I love this time of year.  Even though I still have the wood heater going because it’s still a bit chilly here in Tasmania, I  love spring. The flowers around my garden are amazing and all the vegetables which I planted a few months back......

  • Self sufficiency & sustainability

    70% of the Seafood You’re Eating in Australia is Imported – Here’s What We Can Do

    If you haven’t guessed it by now you would know how extremely passionate I am about sourcing and eating local, ethical and sustainable produce. Local fruit and vegetables, local meats and local seafood.  We can achieve eating this by knowing where to shop and by asking questions...

  • DSC_0155

    Victorian Ethical Farm Research Trip – Part Three

    I hope you have been enjoying the series of our ethical farm tour we did a few weeks back in Victoria.  If you missed part one and part two you can read them here and here So now we are on our way to visit......

  • IMG_4265

    Victorian Ethical Farm Research Trip – Part Two

    If you have just joined us and would like to catch up, part one of the trip is here Our second day in Victoria we were excited to go and visit A Plot In Common which is owned by Tash and her husband Ben along with......

  • IMG_4901

    Victorian Ethical Farm Research Trip – Part One

    Andrew and I are on a journey.  To live self sustainable as much as we can, to learn as much as we can about holistic organic agriculture and to share what we learn to encourage others to live consciously and well.   Two weeks ago Andrew......

  • DSC_0202

    A Rare and Magical Event on The Little Island – It Snowed

    The weather forecast mentioned a chance of snow down to sea level.  A warning went out to sheep graziers and a warning went out to all Tasmanian schools that there is a very high chance the kids will not be able to attend school.  As......

  • Farm Lunches

    Pumpkin, Potato and Sage Quiche

    Last year for the first time I grew pumpkins.  I was so excited that I was able to grow and harvest forty-seven pumpkins.  In the growing process I only lost two of them to possums and currently the pumpkins are sitting in my container ready......