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Primal Living Philosophy

Primal Living is an empowering educational hub based on the passions, beliefs and tools which Jo studied to gain health, wellness and happiness for herself.  Jo wants to share this philosophy with you and pass down this traditional knowledge.  Primal Living will empower you with a wisdom that is traditionally based and will guide you towards a positive outcome for your overall health, wellbeing and happiness. 


Transforming the world one person at a time by bringing practical holistic health, wellness and sustainability solutions into everyday lives.


Primal Living works to cultivate and support practical and sustainable health, wellness and natural living solutions through simple strategies which everyone has access to.

We believe that when you grow and eat real food and embrace a sustainable, natural and holistic lifestyle your health and well-being will flourish. Thus creating healthy lifestyles and a healthy environment.

Who is Jo Smith

Hello and welcome to Primal Living.  My passion is to inspire you to take charge of your health, well-being and happiness by adopting an holistic integrative approach. I believe wellness can be achieved through a ‘back to basic’s’ approach. Keeping health and wellness simple, fun and achievable I love addressing my own health and your health as an intertwined web. We do this by integrating real food nutrition, yoga, sustainable and natural living, mind, connection and self care as a whole to achieve ultimate wellness so we all can live our best, healthiest and happiest life.

IMG_2732My personal mission is to guide you to take charge of your own wellness program to discover the changes needed to become the healthiest and best version of yourself – In all areas of your life  


I am trained as a holistic food and nutrition coach, yoga teacher and personal trainer. I am also a nature enthusiast, self proclaimed health, wellness and sustainability geek and an avid organic gardener. I love living a natural and holistic lifestyle and sharing this journey with you.


My main work is to help women overcome body image and women’s health hurdles and to bring peace into their lives by educating, empowering and nourishing them through yoga, holistic health and wellness


My other work is aimed at helping all beings build knowledge, awareness and skills around creating natural, healthy eating habits, and natural & sustainable lifestyle choices.


I am an advocate for holistic natural healing using a wholesome real food diet and a natural lifestyle for mind, body and planet.  Sometime ago I started to change the way I ate and exercised.  I did this to help myself holistically heal from an eating disorder and to break free from chronic exercise and stress related health issues.

Primal Living has helped me to stop living a life centred on diet fads and calorie counting. My philosophy around food is local, seasonal and real.  Straight from the earth to our plates.
This way of living has organically led me to find new passions and love for growing my own food and learning to live more mindfully and sustainably.


The journey of Primal Living has led my partner and I to a gorgeous 10 acre self sustaining home on Bruny Island, Tasmania.
On our small farm we raise chickens, guinea fowl and ducks. We live off the power grid, grow our own food, preserve the seasons and continually teach ourselves to be as close to self sufficient as we can.  I truly believe my health and well-being has flourished with the tools of natural and sustainable living and eating simple, real and whole foods straight from the garden. 


You will find me doing what I love best. Growing real and honest food, being outside in the gardens,in nature, practicing and teaching yoga, helping others achieve optimal wellness, reading and always chatting about health, wellness & sustainability and visiting local farmers markets. I love eating local and seasonal whole foods and connecting with as many people as possible to inspire a world of good health and well-being.


I invite you to share this place of health, wellness, encouragement and inspiration. Sitting back with a cup of good coffee or herbal tea take some time to read my blog posts. I hope that you find inspiration and grab the tools you need to help you along your own wellness and natural living journey.


If you would like to collaborate and run a health, well-being and sustainable living workshop or event I would love to hear from you. Together we can create a wonderful ‘pop up’ event to help plant positive seeds of change and start a ripple affect in helping people rethink the way they eat, think and live to be healthy and happy

“We can’t change the world and our lives in one quick hit. We can contribute to where and what we can to create powerful, positive and sustainable changes.  You and I can make small frequent changes to create long term impact on our health by making one or more positive changes in the way we eat, think and live”

– Jo Smith

Be inspired to make positive changes in your life